Musings Inspired by a Marketing Maven

By October 15, 2015August 30th, 2017Branding, Communication, Design, Marketing

“The more technologically advanced our society becomes, the more we need to go back to the basic fundamentals of human communication.” Angela Ahrendts

Burberry Apple

Can you compare apples to raincoats? Tim Cook thought so when he hired Angela Ahrendts from Burberry last year to bring some of her marketing mojo to Apple as VP of Retail. While CEO of Burberry, she was renowned for her anticipation of market changes and sharp strategizing, as well as her ability to connect with employees, customers, creative people and the fashion community.

So it was nice to read that this new Silicon Valley celebrity believes communicating with customers should be sincerely empathetic. That’s reassuring because using emotion build brands can be a hard sell to clients who don’t want to wait around for the rewards. Emotional branding is playing the long game.

The investment may pay out slowly at first. But once you’ve built a relationship with an audience where they like and trust you, then you elevate your brand above money. Your product or service can cost more, and they’re more than happy to pay it. In fact, paying more makes them feel like they’re getting more. It’s a guarantee of quality, like an iPhone or a Burberry raincoat. Of course, you have to deliver the goods and you can’t cut corners on quality or service. Hell hath no fury like a buyer bummed.

The good news is, very few marketers or creative people know how to use emotion to connect with an audience. And that presents an opportunity for companies willing to think beyond keyword-driven marketing copy and technology tricks. You don’t have to recreate Bogey in his Burberry, but the fundamental things do apply as time goes by.

(BTW: even though Bogart really did wear a Burberry trench coat in the movie Casablanca, when the company used an image for promotions in 2012, his estate sued. We never assume public domain!)